Phoenix Pyeongchang Shuttle Bus

Winter Season: ~Mar.3 / Spring Season: Mar.4~17 (Service ends when the ski resort is closed)

Ski shuttle bus service has ended.
Thank you for using it.

Ski Shuttle Boarding Instructions

To the Resort

The resort-bound shuttle bus
 goes after transferring from
 the Sports Complex.

Route 1

  • Hongik Univ. Station

    버스 아이콘, bus icon
  • Sinchon Station

  • Sports Complex Station


  • 도착지 아이콘, destination icon

    Phoenix Pyeongchang

Route 2

  • Myeong-dong Station

    버스 아이콘, bus icon
  • Dongdaemun

  • Sports Complex Station


  • 도착지 아이콘, destination icon

    Phoenix Pyeongchang

After gathering at the Sports Complex, please transfer to the ski resort shuttle bus you booked.

When transferring, please present your boarding pass (voucher).

If you were unable to board at Hongdae / Sinchon / Myeong-dong / Dongdaemun, Use other public transportation to gather at the Sports Complex 10 minutes before departure time.

Return Trip

The return shuttle goes directly
 to the destination without any transfers.

  • Phoenix Pyeongchang

    버스 아이콘, bus icon
  • Drop-off Locations:
     Jamsil Stn., Sports Complex Stn.,
     Myeong-dong Stn., Sinchon Stn.

  • 도착지 아이콘, destination icon


The drop-off locations may be subject to change based on road and traffic conditions.

Depending on the circumstances, some routes may have stopovers.

스키셔틀 아이콘,  ski shttle icon Cancellation(Refund) Policy

A full refund is available if the booking is cancelled up to 2 days before the service.

Cancellation one day before the service or same-day cancellation will result in 20% service charge(80% refund).

Cancellation and refund after boarding time is not available.

If you cancel a one-way ticket after purchasing a round-way ticket, you can get a refund after deducting the one-way fare.

Booking and cancellation dates follow local time.

스키셔틀 아이콘, ski shttle icon Information

This rate is for foreigners only. The service charge is included, so it may be different from the charges for locals.

Estimated arrival time may differ from the actual arrival time it depending on traffic conditions and bad weather. We do not take any responsibility in this case.

All vehicles depart on time. Please come to the departure station at least five minutes before departure to board the shuttle bus.

Seats are not designated in advance, please board in order of arrival.

If you do not board, we will not contact you separately. Also, if there are no reservations, the shuttle bus will not be operated.

Please pre-book your boarding pass, tickets will not be sold on-site.

People under the age of 13 are considered children (Born after 2010. Please present a passport or a passport copy).

We are not responsible for any losses or damages in the vehicle.

Boarding time and arrival time are subject to change depending on the weather and traffic conditions.

Tel : +82-2-335-5889 | WhatsApp & Line : +82-10-9388-5889

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